A Vest Of Feminine Fashion Style

I am very old fashioned when it comes to most things (although with a modern twist) and when it comes to pants or men’s clothing on women I tend to shy away. It just isn’t for me for me. I am not against it and think other’s can wear it well, fashion after all is about finding what you like and what represents you best. On this rare occasion I find myself liking this cute little navy blue BCBG vest. It is form fitting and the buttons are adorable.

I think most masculine turned feminine styles can be constricting or non feminine flattering if you know what I mean (hiding the feminine shape and pushing a masculine one). I am all for playful trends, but there should be a well meaning purpose behind them and for the wearer. This is a good balance for me, and most importantly I still feel like a pretty sophisticated lady (and in my own clothes- as though they were made with a female in mind).

The men’s shirt dress for women can be fun with a cute belt to reveal the woman’s shape, but sometimes it just looks like you rolled out of bed and picked up your boyfriend’s clothes before leaving home. I have some mixed feelings there, and the wearer just seems to get lost over the fashion. Fashion should make notice of what you are and not the other way around.

Anyway, I think this combination is a cute and simple one. Make your own adjustments and add your own accessories. But even on its own it makes quite the statement.

5 Responses to “A Vest Of Feminine Fashion Style”

  1. Jennifer Chernoff Says:

    Wow! That is an adorable piece. I remember seeing a car commercial with a woman wearing a vest of that same shape and pining over it. I don’t think I could pull it off as well as you have though. I also love the corduroy.

  2. bombshell beauty Says:

    Thank you, Jennifer! And I’m sure you absolutely could, its quite fun and I honestly never expected to wear something like this myself. The corduroy combined with it especially- but I do love it, too. If your pining you should go for it, makes it all the more enjoyable, too. Much love, xx

  3. fred Says:

    it’s not sophisticated – it’s immodest – you’re showing your chest/breast – trust me

  4. bombshell beauty Says:

    Sounds so bitter; immodest is hardly an appropriate word choice for a vest, but I’ll leave that is between you and the fabric.
    The feminine shape (yes, breasts very much included) has a role in class, sophistication, and fashion. This is more of a playful, sexy, and sophisticated combination. The versatility of this vest allows for that or if worn with a different top could show another varied combination. There are elegant couture gowns that reveal far more than this simple outfit, and would be widely agreed upon being both elegant and sophisticated in design and appearances.
    In the end you will find what you are seeking, (whether it actually exists there or not, for the better or worse). Best regards for commenting, much love! xx

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