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Elegance in Vintage Beauty

vintage glamor jewelryI love vintage- it has such a charming feel to it as well as that one of a kind factor. During my recent travels I found myself very fortunate to come across this beauty of a set.

Not since I was a child playing with my mother’s jewelry have I seen something or had something like this- everything about it I love.

The colors, the cuts, the shine, the uniqueness and simplicity manifested into something so great- I am so happy with this new piece alone- not to mention the beautiful pieces that came along with it.

glamor vintage ring

Now this is one gorgeous cocktail ring, and a beautiful match. This along with the bracelet it came with below are absolutely pretty and fabulous. I am so delighted!

glamor vintage bracelet

It was completely unexpected, too- during our drive up to a vineyard in Washington, we stopped for a quick bite to eat. It was this charming little shopping area consisting mostly of bookstores and specialty shops. While deciding where to eat, a friend and I stepped into a store that had caught her eye. I naturally followed as my curiosity is always high. I fell in love with this darling little shop, the moment I saw this set it was love.

I found some other gems, too- but perhaps that is for a later time. I think these pieces are so beautiful by themselves and should be viewed as such.

vintage beauty

Keeping your hair shiny, silky, and nourished


This is something I have been using recently-for the past few months now at least, on a regular basis. I love this product, not only is it light and silky in texture itself- it smells radiantly gorgeous!

Seriously, I love the subtle perfectly scrumptious scent of this product. It is such a beautiful smell! It is very light and feels weightless in my hair- I cannot stand it when I can feel the product, let alone with a product is sticky and gunky. None of that from this one- it is smooth perfection.

I asked my stylist to recommend something I could use for days that I do not wash my hair- something to keep my ends nourished and smooth but without the gunky feeling. This is what he presented to me and I couldn’t be happier. It is truly what I wanted.

This particular bottle is the ends express from wella’s System Professional Line. Look for the SP symbol; this bottle cost me about $24 from the salon- though prices I am sure could range. It is well worth every bit of it and honestly I was surprised by the low price for such a product (I was expecting a little over $100 honestly as some of these items can be about that much). Even then it would be worth it to me, but I’ll take the pretty price of twenty four dollars for it any day.

A little goes a long way, so the little bottle will last quite a while. Just a small pump and my hair feels cleaner than clean and moves so freely with a beautiful and healthy shine. I definitely recommend it and will continue to use it over and over again!


Winter Shorts New Fashion Look

black shorts winter outfitIt was forced upon me during my visit to the cooler temperatures of the northern part of the states-make my summer/spring clothes survive through winter’s chill. My wardrobe consists mostly of a spring and summer outfits, winter meaning light wraps, scarves, cute gloves and other accessories that are cuter than they are functional or incredibly warm. They are simply warm enough to keep you comfortable during the slight chills experienced here in the South.

little bunny wrapI have my large coats of course, for when I travel. But they are for even cooler temperatures and are a pain to pack if they aren’t completely necessary (some of my furs, especially my coats, are quite huge and obnoxious to carry if not being worn the whole time. Some coats which are layered in wool are just simply too heavy.

dsc08228Seattle’s temperatures were not dreadfully cool or warm- it is that funny temperature in between where a light coat isn’t enough and a heavy one can be too much. I had a big coat with me- one that keeps me very cozy, but then there are the parts of the day where it becomes too warm and the outfit underneath needs to be fairly warm on its own so that it can be worn alone.

I didn’t have many options in my wardrobe as it was, so I did what I could- wearing shorts with some nice and warm tights. Who ever said shorts couldn’t make it for winter- it worked perfectly for me! I wasn’t sure what to think at first, but I rather like it now. It isn’t something I have to do very often, so I enjoyed it while I could. I even received some friendly compliments on my tights and shorts look- I love when accidental things turn out to be lovely and fun experiences.

shorts and tights

Simple Last Minute Little Up Do

glamorous last minute quick hair styleReturning home was more like a two day event, especially where my hair was concerned. We had a full day, night, and morning ahead of us you see- early morning attending touristy attractions and tours (much wind and non hair friendly weather included), followed by dinner and drinks, more windy attractions, and then the airport for the midnight flight.

It would be about seven in the morning or so when we returned home- so that calls for a lot of time for a style to hold through. I began with my hair down, but as the humidity increased so did my hair.

chignon glamor hairstyletwists quick hairstyle updo

And so I needed my hair secure and out of the way, but still cute of course. I need something to keep me up and ready to go; and glamorous hair always does just the trick.

I didn’t want anything fussy or that would easily loosen, so I sectioned my hair into three parts and twisted them tightly finishing them off with some pins. It did just the thing for me and helped keep me alert since the style is quite light compared to my otherwise heavy hair.

elegant hairstyle

swept back hairstyleIt is neat and clean from the front which I think is also quite nice. No fuss and yet still very elegant and pretty. It only took a moment too which is great- easy and quick and then bam ready to go!

TINI Bigs With Finlandia Love

Tini Bigs Martini Bar

It was our last night in Seattle and it turned out to be one of those nights that is so perfect you couldn’t have ever attempted to plan it. Just one of those, wow- really nights.

TINI BIGS lounge bar drink menu

It began simple enough- we did the tourist thing and took lots of photos, eating our way throughout the city (yum yum oh incredibly yum on another note!). On a great recommendation from a particular cigar smoking man, we decided to end our visit with a night at the famous TINI BIGS Lounge.

We had a red eye to catch back home, so it would be a night at the bar, some walking around, and then on to the airport for the flight back home. We walk in to this lovely little bar fairly early at about 5:15 in the afternoon or so. It was already dark, the time change does some wonders on that doesn’t it? So we were ready for some drinks. The bartenders were very friendly and introduced themselves as they welcomed us in. One of them asked if we would like to order, but if that we decided to wait five minutes drinks would be free.

… excuse me?

That’s right… apparently, and for this evening only, they were celebrating their official sponsorship of Finlandia Vodka. The international ambassador for Finlandia had flown in for the event and everything- so from 5:30 until about 8:00 any drink with Finlandia Vodka in it in any way was complimentary. Wow, how beautiful is that!

The Pop 5 Martini

I must admit, when I first walked in and saw the drink list there were numerous bourbon and gin based drinks that had caught my attention- but how could I refuse complimentary drinks especially when there was a celebration to be had for the bar itself? It would be just rude.

The drink above was the favorite of the evening, the Pop 5. It contains Finlandia wild berries, midori, white grape juice, sweet n’ sour, and sparkling wine. It has quite the refreshing twist and pop- lovely drink! The Grapefruit-Tini pictured just below was also quite scrumptious with Finlandia Grapefruit vodka, campari, Cointreu and orange juice. These drinks were the features of the evening and so we felt it was appropriate to order them. Yum.

I will have to venture into the other drinks the next time I visit, and there will certainly be a next time.


As for their food menu- the mac and cheese is heavenly- crisped on top and creamy in the center- cheesy perfection. Definitely a must for the evening as well!

the mac-and-cheese at Tini BigsNext time I am going to go for La Bicylette and for the Aloe Martini (Bombay Saphire, Aloe juice, lemon and lime- yum).

Some Aussie Love

tim tam cookies

Okay, so this lovely cookie somehow was only just introduced to me. Oh how yummy and delightful of a treat- we have much catching up to do.

We are still in Seattle, and some of our friends here with us are from Australia. They were missing the tastes of home, when one of them discovered a pub that seemed to serve authentic food and beer of their homeland. Well, we decided to give it a go and see for ourselves.

gourmet australian chocolate biscuit cookie

And one of the things we discovered upon entering the place was that they offered Tim Tam cookies- sounded interesting enough on its own to me, but our friends were ecstatic! And I can see why now- these cookies are so fluffy and moist and light… simply heavenly! Completely new to me, and I am quite thankful to have been introduced to them. How fun!

So next on the list for us was food- if we were going to be drinking then we first needed some food in our bellies. It had been quite the long day and we were all starving. Well, our Australian friend- one of them in particular, was more focused on the beers… returning to the table with 24 bottles in his arms of this..

Australian Beer

Basically, he went ahead and ordered all the beers they had chilled… lol- not kidding. We asked him if he had bought them out, to which he answered “no, don’t worry, they are putting more in the chiller now.” Nice… I think the first eight disappeared rather quickly to him. Bottoms up. It isn’t my usual style of beer (I like mine black or Belgium for the most part) but it was pretty alright.

So then came a matter of ordering the food. I ordered an Aussie Floater, a meat pie served upside down on top of split pea soup. Meat and peas- thought it was a safe order as how could that be bad. And it wasn’t bad at all- quite delicious, I would order it again.

Aussie Floater

Australlian Meat Pie And Beans

It was an incredibly fun and delicious experience- not to mention entertainment as our Aussie friend continued to drink and dance about the table. I had one bite left of the meat pie in the soup left- I was full as I was snacking all around… and he refused to let it go to waste, by digging his hands into the soup and finishing what was left of my plate- lol. Very entertaining indeed.

If you ever get the chance, do take a taste! You will love it and love the experience. Let’s look at those cookies again, shall we? I saw them again the next day while making a quick shopping stop, only they were being presented by Peperidge Farms cookies. Will have to look for them again once I am home.

tam tam cookie